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  1. What was the title of the final Episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot, which starred David Suchet?
  2. Of Dr. Who's 12 incarnations, 2 are played by actors called Peter. Name them. (Excluding films, radio series, spoofs, etc.)
  3. Welsh tenor Wynne Evans is best known nationally as which TV character?
  4. Betty, Earl & Joyce are characters from tv which advertise which controversial company?
  5. What was designed in 1985 by BBC graphics designer Joanna Ball; and named after a West Yorkshire town where she was born?
  6. What 2 letters were on the Thunderbirds' hats?
  7. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda were the central characters in which US series that first aired in June 1998?
  8. In 2014, insurance company Churchill, cable firm Plusnet and retailer Sainsbury's all used which Depeche Mode song in their adverts?
  9. For which film did Humphrey Bogart win his only Best Actor Oscar?
  10. In which musical was Anna Leonowens played by Gertrude Lawrence on stage (1951) and by Deberah Kerr on film (1956)?
  11. Prue Leith, Oliver Peyton and Matthew Fort are judges on which TV programme?
  12. Which actor most famous for his role as Batman, appears as himself in Family Guy?
  13. With the real name of Matt Murdoch, which 2003 film starred Ben Affleck as the Eponymous superhero?
  14. K.I.T.T. was the name of the car in which TV show?
  15. Quiz show Big Break was presented by Jim Davidson with which former snooker player?
  16. Which series of films featured the character Dr. Emmett Brown?
  17. 'Double Money' & 'Big Money' were features of which game show?
  18. Tom Hanks won his first Best Actor Oscar for which film?
  19. Which actor has starred in the most Carry On films?
  20. Which comedy writer and performer used the name Gerald Wiley as a pseudonymn for his script writing?
  21. Which western TV series featured the characters Jed 'Kid' Curry and Hannibal Heyes?
  22. Which reality TV talent show was won by Will Young and Michelle McManus?
  23. The character Indiana Jones first appeared in which film?
  24. Which former Blackadder star and Time Team presenter was knighted in 2013?
  25. Which country was Jeremy Clarkson visiting in 2014 when he drove a car with a number plate that caused offence the the natives?
  26. Which film had the tagline : "There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean, they’re looking for one"?
  27. Which actor has played Leonard Osborne and Freddie Spender and Jed Sheppard on TV & Augustin Magaldi on film?
  28. Which series of films took place or visited the years 1955, 2015, 1985 and 1885?
  29. Ed, Lost In Space, All The Queen's Men & both Charlie's Angels films featured which Friends actor?
  30. 4 actors were credited with being the founders of Planet Hollywood, who were they?
  31. Who has presented (amoungst others) Celebrity Squares, Family Fortunes, Opportunity Knocks & Wipeout?
  32. On tv, a baby named Oleg is the latest character to join what?
  33. Which 2 films are the only sequels to win Best Picture Oscars?
  34. De MeesterBakker is the Belgian version of which TV programme?
  35. How many boxes are used in Deal Or No Deal?
  36. What was Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond film?
  37. In the Madness Of King George, which number George was he?
  38. Excluding celebrity editions, how many minutes does a contestant have to answer questions on their specialist subject on Mastermind?
  39. Which Gladiator had the real name of Michael Van Wijk?
  40. Which actor played Liberace in the film Behind The Candelabra?
  41. Bill Pertwee who played Warden Hodges in Dad's Army used to call Capt. Mainwaring by what nickname?
  42. Comic actor Simon Pegg played which character in the film Star Trek Into Darkness?
  43. What ceased transmission on 23rd October 2012 after 38 years?
  44. Sir Patrick Moore, who died in December 2012, was the ever-present presenter of The Sky At Night. In which year did it start?
  45. Helen Mirren won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2007 for her portrayal of who?
  46. What is the name of the character played by John Barrowman in Torchwood?
  47. Which character did Jack Nicholson play in the 1989 film Batman?
  48. John Le Mesurier played which character in Dad's Army?
  49. What was the occupation of the 1983 Mastermind winner (and current member of Eggheads), Christopher Hughes?
  50. Which Bond film premiered in London in June 1983?
  51. Who wrote and directed Annie Hall, Hannah And Her Sisters & Mighty Aphrodite?
  52. Who played the title role in the 1995 film "Judge Dread"?
  53. Which newsreader became the presenter of Mastermind when it returned in 2003?
  54. Which 1996 film, directed by Danny Boyle, was based on the 1993 book by Irvine Welsh?
  55. What do the letters BAFTA stand for?
  56. What is the title of the second Harry Potter film and book?
  57. Which comedy actress, played Nellie Harvey, the land-lady of The Laughing Donkey pub in Coronation Street from 1965 until 1976?
  58. Which actor has starred in A Night At The Roxbury, Elf, Anchorman & Blades Of Glory?
  59. Which 3 official James Bond films begin with a vowel?
  60. In advertisements from 2014 featuring Scrictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman, which supermarket 'gets a ten from Len'?

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