Click the category buttons to go to the questions. The Pot Luck questions are basically ones that either don't fit into any one category or perhaps spread over two or more.

is my personal website with just stuff on it.

Pop Quiz

site is the music version of this site, you'll be surprised to learn. Although there are music questions here, the main Pop Quiz site included other elements such as What's In The Brackets, Lyrics etc.

General Knowledge Quizzes

The quiz site featues lots of quiz questions on a wide variety of subjects. I hope it proves useful, whether you are planning a quiz and using some of them or taking part as a bit of fun. Each category has been listed separately with varying numbers and levels of difficulty.
Most of these questions I have used in quizzes over the years so have been thoroughly researched. However, if you are using any for your quiz night, it is advisable to double check that they are correct, in case data or references have changed since uploading.

The questions are listed with the answers on a separate page. The questions are also available in interactive form with a multiple choice option.
Most of them are the same on both printable and interactive options; however, a few will only appear on one or the other, depending on the nature of the question. For example, ones that require a bit of working out will not appear on the interactive site.

There is a separate Pop Quiz site here but a few music questions have been left on this site.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections you can e-mail me at

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