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  1. In 2017, Twitter increased it's maximum number of characters that can be used in a single tweet to what number?
  2. In 2013 Peter Higgs won the Nobel Prize for physics. To what did he give his name to win the award?
  3. What was the name of NASA's roving robot, launched in 2011, to explore the surface and atmosphere on Mars?
  4. What comes next in this sequence : kilo, mega, giga ...?
  5. What is a Taikonaut?
  6. Launched in 2007, the e-book reader Kindle is produced by which company?
  7. The Umbilicus is the technical name for what part of the body?
  8. In the early 1960's, Douglas Engelbart was credited to being the inventor of which computer accessory?
  9. If the planets were listed alphabetically, which would be first?
  10. Which creatures live in a formicary?
  11. On average, for how many months in a year does a dormouse hibernate?
  12. What type of creature is a capercaillie?
  13. What colour are Edelweiss?
  14. What number Apollo mission was launched on 16th July 1969, which eventually landed on the moon?
  15. Which fish has varieties such as Brown, Golden, Rainbow, Apache & Flathead?
  16. Which South American country was named after the chemical element silver?
  17. In which year of the 90's was the DVD first commericially available worldwide?
  18. What is the chemical symbol for Osmium?
  19. Kilo, Mega, Giga, ... what comes next?
  20. In which year was a total solar eclipse last observed from mainland Britain?
  21. What is the most common gas in the air we breathe?
  22. Who discovered gravity? How many planets in our Solar System have only one known moon? A gallon of water weighs how many pounds? By what name is otalgia more commonly known? What is a young whale called?

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