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  1. In May 2014, Neil Hamilton stood as a candidate in the local elections representing which party?
  2. Which politician took part in a televised EU debate with Nick Clegg in April 2014?
  3. In which year of the 1990's did Britain hand over sovereignty of Hong Kong to China?
  4. Conventionally, and since 1935, British General Elections are held on which day of the week?
  5. Who became the First Minister Of Scotland in May 2007?
  6. How often are Presidential elections held in The USA?
  7. Which politician did Ffion Jenkins marry on the 19th December 1997 at The House Of Commons Crypt?
  8. Who served as Ronald Reagan's Vice President during the 80's?
  9. During local elections in May 2014, voters were warned against doing what when casting their vote for fear of infringment of privacy?
  10. Before Tony Blair, who was the last Labour leader to win a General Election?
  11. Who did David Cameron succeed as the leader of The Conservative party in 2005?
  12. When Scotland held a referendum on independence in 2014, to the nearest whole number, what percentage voted 'No'? What percentage of votes did Jeremy Corbyn get in his Labour Leadership contest? Who was The Chancellor Of The Exchequer when the Budget was broadcast live on TV for the first time?

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