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  1. Which English (ceremonial) county has the shortest name?
  2. If listed alphabetically, which US state would be listed last?
  3. After London, what is the most populous capital city in the UK?
  4. Aside from it having two extra colours, what symbol differentiates the flag of South Sudan to that of Sudan?
  5. Which 5 modern-day counties lie on the South Coast of mainland England between Cornwall and Kent?
  6. Which country's flag is inscribed with it's national motto which translates as "Order And Progress"
  7. At 180 metres tall, by what name is 30 St. Mary Axe in London better known?
  8. Following on from a campaign to declare their independence on the 2011, it was announced in April 2014 that which county would be declared a national minority?
  9. Which 2 items does the Statue Of Justice hold in her hands?
  10. Sevenoaks, Sheerness and Swanley are towns in which English county?
  11. Which constellation features on the flags of both Australia and New Zealand?
  12. How is the island of Rapa Nui more commonly known to English speakers?
  13. Name the 4 English counties that border mainland Wales?
  14. What is the official language of Ghana?
  15. By what name is East Pakistan now known?
  16. Fray Bentos is a port in which South American country?
  17. Dakar is the capital of which African country?
  18. What is the only vowel that does not begin the name of a US state?
  19. The Wash is a body of water that lies between which 2 English counties?
  20. By what name is Gravelly Hill Interchange more commonly known?
  21. The M48 motorway passes over which major British river?
  22. Lesotho is a country which is completely surrounded by which other country?
  23. The Rio Grande river forms a large part of the border between which two countries?
  24. In which Ocean are The Seychelles? What is the name of the fishy-sounding peninsula in Massachsetts, which when viewed from the sky looks like a flexed arm? What was the name of the mythical city of gold which shares it's name with an 1849 Edgar Allen Poe poem and a short-lived BBC soap from the early 1990's? Which East African country uses the Birr as it's main currency? Cape Horn is the name of the most southern point of which continent?

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