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  1. What connects : Mannfred Mann's "Mighty Quinn", Robert Palmer & UB40's "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" and Bryan Ferry's "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"?
  2. What was Abba's last number 1?
  3. What is the only song to be a Christmas Number 1 on 3 different occasions, and all different recordings?
  4. Which group had number 1 singles with "I've Got To Get A Message To You" in the 60's, "Night Fever" in the 70's and "You Win Again" in the 80's?
  5. Hot Chocolate had a top 75 hit in Britain in every year between 1970 and 1987, but only had one number 1 single. What was it?
  6. Which of these groups had the most top 40 hits: Stealer's Wheel, Steeleye Span or Steely Dan?
  7. What were Michael Jackson's 3 number 1 singles of the 80's?
  8. Which song was a worldwide hit in 2013 for New Zeeland singer Lorde?
  9. What was Madness only number 1 single?
  10. Which band had reached number 1 with "Fireflies" in 2009?
  11. Which singer and actor sang the theme song to the tv drama "Crocodile Shoes"?
  12. Who wrote the song "I Will Always Always Love You", a number 1 hit for Whitney Houston from the film The Bodyguard?
  13. "All That Jazz" is a song from which musical?
  14. In the classic song "Abraham, Martin & John", who were the 3 people namechecked?
  15. Which year saw the first ever Glastonbury festival?
  16. Which Madonna song contains the line "cause the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr right"?
  17. Which singer signed to Motown in 1961 & is still signed to the label?
  18. What was the best selling single of the 90's?
  19. What song title provided hits for Tears For Fears, Ant & Dec and Lulu?
  20. Which band's only number 1 single was "Give It Up" in 1983?
  21. Bob Marley only had 4 singles that reached the top 10 during his lifetime. Name any one.
  22. Cliff Richard had 2 number 1 singles during the 80's. What were they?
  23. Which band released the 70's albums For Your Pleasure, Stranded, Country Life, Siren & Manifesto?
  24. Which group had top 10 hits in the 80s & 90s with these one-word tiles: Sometimes, Stop, Drama, Star & Chorus?
  25. Which group had top 10 singles in the 70's with Coz I Luv You, My Friend Stan, Far Far Away, Take Me Bak Ome & Everyday?
  26. Rachel Stevens, who's debut hit "Sweet Dreams My LA Ex" charted in 2003, had previously charted with which group?
  27. Take That, Frankie Valli, Jimi Somerville, Dionne Warwick, Steps & Boyzone have all had hits with songs written by which band?
  28. Which group's number 1 singles in the 60's included Tired Of Waiting For You & You Really Got Me?
  29. Shakin' Stevens had more hit singles in Britain during the 80's than any other artist, including 4 number 1 singles. What were his number 1 singles?
  30. Who released his first new album in 10 years in 2013 called "The Next Day"?
  31. Which Barry White song begins with the lines "I'm like a blind man who lost his way, I can't see nothin', I'm like a deaf man who can't relay, Yeah, I can't hear nothin'"?
  32. What was Elvis Presley's first number 1 single?
  33. Who held the position of Christmas number 1 in 2013 with "Skyscraper"?
  34. What type of music gets it's name from the Italian for 'Work'?
  35. What soul song was a hit for Bob & Earl in 1969 and The Rolling Stones in 1986?
  36. What number 1 single began with the lyric "Once I had a love and it was a gas"?
  37. The classic albums Dark Side Of The Moon & Tubular Bells celebrated what anniversary in 2013?
  38. By what name are Hodges & Peacock better known?
  39. Which singer has recorded the most James Bond theme songs?
  40. What connects Paul Young, Kylie Minogue, Coldplay's Chris Martin and One Direction?
  41. "Flowers In The Rain" was the first single played on Radio 1 in 1967. Which group was at number 2 in the charts with it at the time?
  42. Which group, formed in London, spent the most weeks on the British charts during the 1980's?
  43. Who released 2 albums in 1977, Low & Heroes?
  44. Who recorded the 00's best selling album, &qout;Back To Bedlam"?
  45. Which artist designed 2015's Brit award statuette?
  46. "Cheek To Cheek" was a 2014 duet album released by which legendary singer and contemporary pop star?
  47. Which pop star played at both the London & Philadelphia Live Aid concerts in 1985?
  48. Which film's theme song gave Ray Parker Jnr at top 10 hit in 1984?
  49. By what name is singer Alecia Moore better known?
  50. A-ha originate from which country?
  51. For which James Bond film did Tina Turner record the theme song?
  52. How many number 1 singles has Madonna had?
  53. Which singer, who had 8 top 40 hit singles during the 90's, has the additional birth names Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel?
  54. "Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind..." are the opening lines to which rock classic?

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