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  1. FADED FETISHES FRY is an anagram of which best selling book?
  2. Which series of books by Robert Ludlum include the titles :Betrayal, Sanction, Deception and Imperative (amoungst others)?
  3. What was the sequel to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory?
  4. Which of the 3 Bronte sisters had the most published novels? (nb. novels, not including other works)
  5. According to Dente's Inferno, how many Circles Of Hell were there?
  6. Who wrote the Jack Ryan series of books?
  7. Who wrote Gulliver's Travels?
  8. Which comic featured Iron Man and Dan Dare with his nemesis The Mekon?
  9. In the P.G. Woodhouse books, what type of creature was 'The Empress Of Blandings'?
  10. What is the title of the third book in the Bridget Jones' Diary series?
  11. What was Dr. Frankenstein's first name?
  12. In which decade was the first edition of The Beano published?
  13. Who released the autobiography 'Losing My Virginity'?
  14. Which author wrote Blott On The Landscape, Porterhouse Blue & the Wilt series of books?
  15. In Peter Pan, what type of creature was Tinker Bell?
  16. What B was Just William's surname?
  17. Who was the fictional character who attacked windmills believing them to be enemy giants?
  18. In the book Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, what is Charlie's surname?
  19. Published in 1877, "Black Beauty" was written by written by which author?
  20. Published in 2015, who wrote "Go Set A Watchman", the sequel to "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
  21. What were Romeo & Juliet's surnames?
  22. Born Theodore Geisel in 1904, by what name is this children's author and illustrator better known?
  23. Which comic, first published in 1979, has featured the characters Johnny Fartpants, Biffa Bacon & Finbarr Saunders?
  24. In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, to what group did Goliath belong?
  25. Prospero is a leading character in which play by William Shakespeare?
  26. Who wrote the novel "Moll Flanders"?
  27. Who wrote the Peter Rabbit series of books?
  28. In writing, what is a 'tittle'?
  29. A blook is a book based on what writings?
  30. Who created the detective Hercule Poirot?
  31. Which actress & singer had released the 2006 autobiography called “Growing Pains”?
  32. What was Lady Chatterly’s first name?

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