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(*1 - denotes that there is a note at the foot of the page with extra information)
  1. 280
  2. The Higgs Boson Particle
  3. Curiosity
  4. Tera
  5. A Chinese astronaut
  6. Amazon
  7. The belly button or navel
  8. The mouse *1
  9. Earth
  10. Ants
  11. 6 months
  12. A bird (a grouse)
  13. White
  14. 11
  15. Trout
  16. Argentina
  17. 1996 *2
  18. Os
  19. Tera
  20. 1999
  21. Nitrogen
  22. Isaac Newton 1 (The Earth) 10 Earache Calf
*1 - Although the 'trackball' device was invented in 1946, the mouse as is now used (and patented) was invented in the 60's. He never made any money from it as the patent belonged to the company he worked for; and by time they were widely used, the copyright had expired.
*2 - First available in Japan in November 1996; US : March 1997; Europe in 1998 & the rest of the world in 1999

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