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Music Stuff

We have had the pleasure of playing some new venues recently like The Bucanneer in Barry. We will announce more gigs soon on our website when confirmed.

Quiz winners

The National Quiz Final.


We had a great day out at Molineux, Wolverhampton in September last year at The Punch National Quiz Final, finishing 10th (which out of over 2,500 teams that originally entered, isn't bad I'd say). That's our team of know-it-alls with celebrity quiz masters Mark "The Beast" Labbett from The Chase and comedian Ted Robbins.

Quizzy Stuff

Cardiff City Scoresheet

The Cardiff City Scoresheet

Congratulations to the winner this year, he cannot be beaten even with games still to play.

It's all to play for with numerous teams competing for the remaining 3 prize spots.

Canton Cross Quiz Winners

The Great Big Cardiff Quiz Winners

Not only finalists in The Punch Taverns National Quiz but winners of The Great Big Cardiff Quiz. Organised by Fundraising Managar, Nicky Piper, it was an inter-pub tournament in aid of George Thomas Hospice in Whitchurch, Cardiff. Here we are being presented with the trophy.
Surely, our invitation to go on Eggheads can't be far away.

LET'S GET QUIZZICAL! Yes - The New Quiz Site

At last, the quiz site is up and running with questions on every subject you can think of.
Questions are split into categories and can be printed off or there is a multiple choice interactive option.
It's still at an early stage but there are enough to keep you going and more are being added (faily) regularly.
The quiz can be found at www.quiz.phunkyphill.co.uk.



The music site features music news and recommendations plus 'this day in music' - whose birthday is it today?
Phactoids include titbits of facts that you never knew on a musical theme. Likewise Phorgottens is a 'where are they now?' feature including Ray Parker Jnr., Tasmin Archer and, very popular with this site for some reason, Strawberry Switchblade.
Got a music question that you cannot resolve even scouring the internet for an answer? Try Asking Phunky. I'll do my best.


The pop quiz site has many free quiz questions; test your knowledge, or you could try the interactive quiz with a multiple choice feature.
The general knowledge quiz is now available too..


I also have links to other sites, run by friends or those that I recommend for whatever reason
Switch is a band that I play in. We've been playing in Barry and Penarth recently. Cardiff is rubbish for live pub music, it has to be said. At least in The Vale they are prepared to have live bands playing.
Websites do not need to be expensive. Have a word with Gwlad Creations - no nonsense web design.
Site stats are for anyone who might be interested in that sort of thing (and there are a few)
And finally, the inevitable Facebook & Twitter links : If you are still reading at this point, it's probably about 3am.

Site Redesign

You may notice that the site is not very uniformly laid out. It is being redesigned so the old pages are still up while this is happening. The pop and trivia quiz sites, the shop and Switch sites are external and therefore will not have the same appearance as this one.